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01 Sep

Julien Temple Documentary - Channel 4 Next Monday

UK Weller fans get another chance to watch Julien Temple's fantastic 'Find The Torch' documentary next Monday (6th September). 
Tune in to Channel 4 at 12.50am that night to enjoy this beautifully shot look at Paul Weller and the motivation behind the new record 'Wake Up The Nation'. 


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07/09/10 etonrifle79 wrote: When will it be released on DVD ????
07/09/10 etonrifle79 wrote: One of the most uplifting things I have seen for ages....
06/09/10 jemtor wrote: I think you've missed it, the articles a bit misleading. It was on 12.50am (last night) meaning very early hours of this morning. Don't worry I'm sure it will come out on DVD at some point, & well worth buying!! Regards
06/09/10 droog wrote: I can't see this listed in any of the TV listings - is it still going to be on?
01/09/10 paulh1 wrote: Is this ever going to be on DVD? It's a quality doc