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28 Oct

Paul To Perform Special Concert For Jimmy Kimmel Live

On November 4, Paul will be in Los Angeles to perform an extra-special concert for Jimmy Kimmel - and you could be there to watch it live.

Paul will be playing a special 10-song set on an outdoor stage set up by the studio which fans will be able to watch for free.

Two of the songs from the performance will also be broadcast on Jimmy Kimmel Live later that day.

Fans can apply for tickets now right here, it is strictly two tickets per application.

You will then need to be at the venue for 6:45pm (PDT) on the day in order to get into the concert.


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04/11/10 clackkent wrote: wow - last night the wiltern, now PW again! Will he be playing sinking? maybe he didnt get my subliminal message last night?
04/11/10 pwtopw wrote: Couldn't make the Wiltern show so this is almost better! Supper HYPE for this show!
29/10/10 hbmod wrote: got my tix! well up for this