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08 Nov

The Jam 'Sound Affects' 30th Anniversary Edition - OUT NOW

The Jam 'Sound Affects' 30th Anniversary Edition - OUT NOW The deluxe re-release of The Jam's seminal 1980 album 'Sound Affects' is out today!

The remastered 2CD Deluxe Edition features the album digitally remastered together with 22 bonus tracks, demos, covers, b-sides and alternative versions - 8 of which are previously unreleased.
It all comes complete with a 24 page booklet with extensive sleeve notes by Guardian writer John Harris, an exclusive Weller interview, rare photos and period memorabilia.
You can pre-order 'Sound Affects - Deluxe Edition' from Amazon, HMV and right now.
The full track-listing is as follows:
Disc1 - Original album (remastered):
1. Pretty Green
2. Monday
3. But I’m Different Now
4. Set The House Ablaze
5. Start!
6. That’s Entertainment
7. Dream Time
8. Man In The Corner Shop
9. Music For The Last Couple
10. Boy About Town
11. Scrape Away
Disc 2 - Bonus tracks:
1. Start! (single version)
2. Liza Radley (b-side of Start!)  
3. Dreams Of Children (b-side of Going Underground)
4. That’s Entertainment (alternate version from 'Direction, Reaction, Creation')
5. Pretty Green ('demo with overdubs' - previously unreleased)
6. Pop Art Poem (Jam fan club flexi-disc, from 'Extras')
7. Rain (demo from 'Direction, Reaction, Creation')
8. Boy About Town (demo - previously unreleased)
9. Dream Time (demo from 'Direction, Reaction, Creation')
10. Dead End Street (demo from 'Direction, Reaction, Creation')
11. But I’m Different Now (demo from 'Extras')
12. Scrape Away (instrumental version - previously unreleased)
13. Start! (demo - previously unreleased)
14. Liza Radley (demo from 'Extras')
15. And Your Bird Can Sing (demo from 'Extras')
16. Monday (alternate version - previously unreleased)
17. Get Yourself Together (from 'Extras')
18. Set The House Ablaze (alternate 'dub ending' version - previously unreleased)
19. Boy About Town (alternate version - Jam fan club flexi from 'Extras')
20. No One In The World (demo from 'Extras')
21. 'Instrumental' (demo  - previously unreleased)
22. Waterloo Sunset (demo - previously unreleased)


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