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08 Nov

A Thank You From Paul

Paul would like to thank the fans who attended his two New York shows over the weekend.

The Apollo and Best Buy Theater shows were two of Paul's favourite nights on his current tour and he was thrilled by the rapturous response from the audience.

Thank YOU for making the nights so special.


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11/11/10 melliep wrote: WOW...I'm still on a Weller High...!!!!! The show at the Best Buy theatre was brilliant. . Thank You, Thank You , Thank You for such a good time. Hopefully you will come back and visit us again soon to bless us with your amazing talent..
10/11/10 elburtus wrote: The LA show was great and the Jimmy Kimmel mini-concert was an excellent bonus especially Sea Spray! Thanks and come back soon to the Wiltern.
10/11/10 chienyc wrote: Paul: Can't believe I finally got to see my Britsh Icon over the years!! You are extremely talented and I'm so fortunate to see you in NYC. You sound better LIVE!! Please Please Please come visit us again because we really LOVE YOU & YOUR MUSIC!!!
10/11/10 jarrod wrote: Thanks so much for coming to New York and the great performances! Come back soon, we miss you already!
09/11/10 genoman wrote: As someone who was fortunate enough to have attended both NYC shows this past weekend I too would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the incomparable Mr. Weller and his amazing bandmates (Messrs. Cradock, Crofts, Lewis and Pilgrim) for two nights of incredible music. Here's hoping he'll return again after his next release, which rumor has it he's already begun writing and recording. Thanks for so many years of musical enjoyment from this long time fan. All the best to you and yours.
09/11/10 supergrg wrote: I am still on cloud 9. The past 3 days were a dream. Thank you Paul for coming to play for us and taking time out to chat!
09/11/10 lisamariec wrote: Paul: it's always a thrill to see you over here. We wish you had hit Boston this time, but we did a road trip to see you at the Apollo. Wonderful show, and so full of energy, so full of soul. Thank YOU for all these years of brilliant music and so many reasons to smile. Keep on truckin' Love you.
09/11/10 wellerinla wrote: Well, attendees of the lone LA show thank YOU, Paul.
08/11/10 trailblazer wrote: I will be submitting a review of the Apollo Theater show shortly. Yes, we are boisterous and enthusiastic here in America! We traveled several hundred miles to see Paul as we had never seen him and have followed his career since the beginning. It was absolutely incredible!
08/11/10 modcon007 wrote: Good show!
08/11/10 modcon007 wrote: