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01 Dec

Tonight's Newcastle Show Postponed

Tonight’s Paul Weller Concert in Newcastle has been postponed.

Paul is currently stuck in Sheffield and with the extreme weather conditions he is concerned for the safety of his fans trying to attend the show and therefore has decided to postpone tonight's event.

The rescheduled date will be sometime in January / February 2011. Further details will be announced within the next 48/72 hours.


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05/12/10 cath444 wrote: Glasgow show was really good x
03/12/10 kenny1874 wrote: Hi All, - I phoned the secc Glasgow, the gig is still on. I am coming from Edinburgh. There's railway disruption with scotrail services.
03/12/10 pauline701 wrote: Just phoned the SECC Glasgow and was advised that they have no plans to cancel. I advised that I was disabled and couldnt travel and was told if I dont go I lose my money. What a joke how are people meant to travel when there is no transport and they are unable to walk to trains etc..
02/12/10 fairygarlic wrote: Just saw on Twitter the main man has managed to get to Manchester, bought tkts OTT for our sons 12th birthday which was in July, so he's manic trying to find out if the gigs on, let olone whether we can physically get there, as we live in Matlock, Derbys, car is still rammed with snow, but will do wot it takes to get there, bus?train?walk? just don't wanna start at 6 a.m to discover cancelled! Any clues?????>>>>>Please help!!! Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
02/12/10 alslevin wrote: would be good to know if glasgow is on, hotel booked , going through from falkirk. Bit of a quandary, to cancel hotel or not to cancel and just hope weather clears.
02/12/10 jampar wrote: Travelling from Dunfermline to Glasgow on Saturday night, got a hotel booked so fingers crossed the Modfather makes it...........
02/12/10 nortonmod wrote: he is out walking hawleys dog in endcliffe park
02/12/10 35rnr5ds wrote: any news on the glasgow gig if its going ahead partner is from edinburgh and its going to be a nightmare to get to glasgow for it
02/12/10 gavinoldbury wrote: Agian any news on the Manchester gig, would be good to know before travelling up the M6 from Brum.
02/12/10 russellcraig wrote: Meant Glasgow!
02/12/10 russellcraig wrote: Any news on Gklasgow gig??
02/12/10 clarabel74 wrote: Any news on the Glasgow gig yet?? Heres hoping it goes ahead still ! Been lookin forward to this for an age :)
02/12/10 theweller66 wrote: Hi guys,
Does anyone know whether the Manchester gig is going ahead as me and my mate are travelling from West Yorkshire to see him? Would be a pisser to get there and it be cancelled? Please advise if any news peeps...
02/12/10 pauline701 wrote: Does anyone know if the concert in Glasgow is going ahead?
02/12/10 biggestfan wrote: i went to the shefield concert and thought he didnt put on a good show my oppinion there was a lot of drunks there which spoilt it for those of us that wanted to see him, oh well least i can say i saw god : )
02/12/10 fairygarlic wrote: looking forward to Manchester gig tomorrow night, weather permitting, anyone any clues if it is still going ahead or what time announcement will be made if it is cancelled?
01/12/10 marcopolo77 wrote: sheffield gig was half empty due to the weather, it was just the worst conditions ever trying to get back to barnsley. luckly we got there for 6-15pm but couldnt believe the snow when we came back out.
01/12/10 marcopolo77 wrote: Concert amazing as always. Apart from the arseholes hell bent on causing trouble luckly they all got ejected eventually thankyou Mr steward you got a good cheer. even people smoking pot around us. until that nice steward sorted him out
01/12/10 jacw-w wrote: really looking forward to glasgow gig but weather making thought of travelling in difficult taking edge off it majorily! Hopefully Mr W will reschedule so we don't miss out - fingers crossed we hear sooner rather than later - Paul Weller IS a legend x
01/12/10 scoot67 wrote: I travelled from near Telford to go Sheffield gig had to turn back just before M1 as snow was getting bad and didn't think i'd make it back after the gig You can't blame Paul for not cancelling the gig as it wasn't to bad that morning But think that a refund or maybe first offer of any spaces at the Newcastle gig would be fair Role on Blackpool !!