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03 Dec

Aberdeen Show Postponed

Regretfully, due to severe weather conditions, Paul's Aberdeen show due to take place this Sunday, December 5, has had to be postponed.

The decision was taken out of concern for the safety of fans, crew and all personnel involved with the show.

We hope to advise you all very soon of a rescheduled date, but in the meantime please do not travel to Aberdeen on Sunday.

All other December dates will go ahead as planned. They are:

Fri Dec 3 - Manchester Arena
Sat Dec 4 - Glasgow SECC
Tue Dec 7 - Blackpool Empress Ballroom
Wed Dec 8 - Liverpool Echo Arena
Fri Dec 10 - Wembley Arena


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06/12/10 pumpkin24 wrote: made a mistake if you did not fell it was a 100% so look forward to next years date
06/12/10 pumpkin24 wrote:
06/12/10 pumpkin24 wrote:
06/12/10 pumpkin24 wrote: was looking forward to the gig in aberdeen but you done the right thing if it was 100% to do so looking forward to the new dat some time next year
05/12/10 stewie2710 wrote: last nights glasgow gig was good but not half as good as his glasgow gig two years ago.
05/12/10 cath444 wrote: Enjoyed the SECC gig in Glasgow... Paul was great.. however, I was disappointed that there was no Broken Stones or You Do Something To Me - my 2 fave songs! Other songs were really good though... thanks for a great night xxx
05/12/10 jam1964 wrote: SECC was brilliant, dont know where 35mr5ds was or what he was on but Weller was best I,v seen in years, cheers Paul
04/12/10 35rnr5ds wrote: just been to see the main man and all i can say what a load of crap it was
04/12/10 honey wrote: Hear, hear Trev68! Come on Paul, pleeeeeeeaaaaaase hear us. I missed Manchester too and am GUTTED!
04/12/10 trev68 wrote: come on paul show fans you care and let us fans who could not attend manchester and any other venues due to the severe weather conditions transfer our tickets to other venues please
04/12/10 shauna70 wrote: just leaving to go to concert so excited about seeing the main man cant wait,,going to be a great night......
04/12/10 gazzer68 wrote: Paul weller tonite yaaaaaaaasssssssss.
04/12/10 kazza74 wrote: Thanks jacw-w will keep fingers and toes crossed that safety of fans is put first and that we can transfer our tickets to see mr weller as would be awful to miss out. To those fans who can make it enjoy the show x x
04/12/10 jacw-w wrote: sorry for confusion kazza74 - I don't know anymore than you. Only meant hopefully transfer arrangements will be made for fans who can't get there safely - would be terrible if we lost out because its too risky to travel xxx
04/12/10 kazza74 wrote: In response to jacw-w can you advise who to contact about a transfer or where this has been confirmed as I have phoned secc ticketmaster and a3 entertainment all of which advised nothing had been announced about being able to transfer tickets and just that show going ahead ? Thanks
04/12/10 denisea wrote: Why is no one from Paul Weller's team answering any of these comments?
04/12/10 honey wrote: Can anyone tell me please whether there's a chance of a refund/alternative gig ticket for those who could not make it to Manchester last night? I heard that those who didn't make it to Sheffield could get an alternative ticket!
04/12/10 denisea wrote: it is highly dangerous to travel in Scotland just now. Trains are not running properly and roads are treacherous. Why then isn't the Glasgow gig postponed? it seems like a financial decision at the risk of the safety of fans.
04/12/10 jenniferdevo wrote: paul from the comments below, majority of fans have safety concerns for travelling to glasgow not to mention the many more that are not members of your fansite, please postpone glasgow xxx
04/12/10 jacw-w wrote: Have been reading the comments for Glasgow tonight and of course all those who've bought tickets will have been looking forward to the gig and would be gutted if it had to be cancelled. Hopefully it can go ahead for those who can make it without having to worry about the weather conditions and for those it would be unsafe to travel, Paul will be able to arrange tickets to be transferred. I'm positive he doesn't want to disappoint any of his loyal fans and will do his best to make sure they all get to see him whether it be tonight or at another gig in the new year when fans can travel safely.