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21 Sep

Latest News..

Latest News.. Hi Everyone..

A big thanks first from Paul and everyone involved for turning up to either the In-stores, the film in London or the screening last night across the country. I know there were a few grievances which I have passed onto the organisers.. but all in all it appears that everyone had a good time and again thanks for attending and for buying the album.

Paul's still away at the moment in Spain promoting the album and is off to New York at the weekend to do the similar thing with an In-store show etc. Then It will be back to rehearsals for the start of the European Dates in October.

There will competitions running to win tickets for all the gigs on the Dates page so keep an eye out for information.

For those of you asking who was standing in for Steve Cradock his name is Kenny Papeufus from a band called Relish from Ireland.. but Steve will be back for the rest of the tour this year.

Thanks for all your photos which are being posted onto the Gallery and we hope you all like the new look site and shop. It seems to be working very well..

Nicky Weller


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