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28 Mar

Win Signed Weller Artwork And More

Want to get your hands on a special piece of Weller memorabilia signed by the man himself? Then read on...

We want to hear about your very own 'legendary' Paul Weller gig and what made it such a top night.

We know every Weller gig is special, but we want to know what made the night so special in your own words.

All you need to do is write a 200 word account of the gig and email it to

We'll then go through the entries and pick out the best two, with the scribes receiving the following prizes:

- Signed and framed 'Wake Up The Nation' Artwork
- A signed deluxe edition copy of 'Wake Up The Nation'
- A signed copy of 'Find The Torch, Burn The Plans'

The two winning 'legendary gig' stories will also be published on

All entries must be submitted by 12 noon on Friday April 8, so get thinking and writing as soon as possible.


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16/05/11 puggy67 wrote: who won?
14/05/11 desmccarthy wrote: Any idea who won this ?
13/05/11 modon wrote: who won this.
29/04/11 belfastpaul wrote: Front and centre with the usual anxious anticipation of Weller's imminent arrival. I'm not alone, the eternally well dressed crowd have got their gig etiquette sussed - non dancers on the top tier and expectations are ridiculously high as always. First the roar and then on he strides with a sense of purpose you know he's saved for this night alone. From the Floorboards Up sets the pace and weeds out those who find the front a little too lively. Two things make this night more special than the other encounters. The first is the 'la la la' the crowd take up once That's Entertainment finishes, house lights go up, Paul sparks up and we sing long, loud and proud. I've witnessed this many times but not to this extent and we feel proud and privileged. The second really is something special; second encore, backdrop falls to the ground to reveal the glorious image of Belfast's favourite son and sadly recently deceased George Best... SHOUT TO THE TOP. It took a while to truly take in the scene, but we danced with renewed vigour and lumps in throats. Then, out into the cold night with smiles that won't fade for some time...
28/04/11 pezza832 wrote: Do we know who's won yet??
28/04/11 vespaa wrote: and it was amazing
28/04/11 vespaa wrote: and it was amazing
28/04/11 vespaa wrote: I've been to 4 Paul Weller gigs and everyone was amazing but its not just the gigs. Im 26years old and up untill 4 years ago i did'nt even no who Paul Weller was, my friends all listerned to rock music and i just followed the crowed. But then i moved and a new friend played me you do something to me and wildwood
20/04/11 desmccarthy wrote:
08/04/11 pspragg wrote: not a good start but I'll start again ...I have seen Paul lots of times of the years from big gigs like crystal palace an head linning at the V Fest ..its hard to pick the one that stands out but for me I do love to see Paul play at the Portsmouth guildhall as it up front an personal and allways a great start to begin of his tours of big and small venues and I think he really enjoy coming to play at Portsmouth so please keep comin down and hopeful won day would love to beable to sit an chat as i been a fan since school days
08/04/11 pspragg wrote:
08/04/11 pbadau wrote: i've been a fan from the start from the early jam years onwards saw the jam at wembly arena twice in the same week absolutly brilliant , saw paul weller and freinds at the albert hall freinds included noel gallagher , roger daltry and robert plant fantastic gig, also seen him at hammersmith apollo again fantasyic gig and since i've been living in australia i've seen him twice in perth and fremantle and 2 days after seeing him in fremantle i bumped into him at adelaide airport and had a chat with him what a cool man i was so made up fantastic experience
07/04/11 riksterspurs wrote: Seen P~aul numerous times, but the first was the best for me. First ever V Festival with PW headlining in front of over 100,000 people. Mick Talbolt and Jools Holland joining him on stage, acoustic set in the middle of the gig, Steve White at his absolute best. Seeing the Stanley Road songs performed with bug band and strings was brilliant - especially Dr Johns "Walking on guilded splinters". Last saw Paul at Eden project which was also a great setting.
07/04/11 suecider wrote: No need for 200 words.
Absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/04/11 jules67 wrote: my whole heart danced with him at the last Jam concert. The place was full but I only remember him...and me! The Jam was the seed from which he grew and I knew there and then he would become the great English rose. That day I knew anything was possibly and I could chase my dreams to the end of the world. I always think back to that great day whenever I help my wonderful children to chase their dreams and tell them of the great Paul Weller from Woking and how he taught me to chase my dreams!
07/04/11 modon wrote: Went to see the Wake up the Nation tour in Melbourne, Australia. As an avid fan, I made sure my wife and I were there early so we were in the front row. Paul was rocking the house, the power even blew as he was jamming so hard!! He was playing his guitar hard and the next minute I saw his guitar pick flying towards us. It was. just out of reach and landed on the other side of the barrier. After getting security's attention we asked that he retrieve it for us - which he did!! We were so excited and still treasure it today! The guitar pick shows how hard he was jamming as the side of it is worn where he used it to strum his guitar! It was a special and memorable night as we were also able to get a set list which has Steve Craddocks foot print on it! It was a great concert from a great musician! KTF
31/03/11 charleyboy wrote: Saw paul Weller for the first time in 1993 about march sometime at the Glasgow barrowlands about the time of his first solo album! but for me it was his gig at the breahead arena about 2003 I think he done 2 nights I went the first night, I took along a very beautiful woman whom I'd really adored and wanted 2! how shall I put it "liason atween the sheets wif" get the picture!?! well anyway this gig was gr8 coz a few days after it.. yep Bobs yer sister! we made sweet musak atween the sheets!! Cheers Paul.
30/03/11 modlord65 wrote: it is very hard to write about a very special gig of paul weller also when you saw him more than 35 times since 1983!!!
but i think last years 5 days in the albert hall and me and me missus went to see him on monday comin extra from duesseldorf that was really special cos it was the first time that i saw him playing in england / london and then in this fantastic place called royal albert hall!
for me as a german kraut it was like biff bang pow experience paul and the royal albert hall what a combination like gin and tonic luv it!

cheers and keep the faith memo