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07 Nov

Weller & Wife Expecting Twins

You may have seen some press stories over the weekend reporting that Paul and his wife Hannah are currently expecting twins.

We're happy to confirm today that the rumours are true and that Paul and Hannah should be welcoming their new arrivals early in the new year.

Congratulations to them both.


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01/01/12 iamb64 wrote: Nice one Paul
07/12/11 juliab wrote: Congratulations - I hope you will be eternally happy you deserve it. Please never give up your songwriting/career you keep me alive - thank you x
01/12/11 kaymoxon wrote: congratulations to you both. The more Wellers there are in the world, the better :) x
01/12/11 johnniek wrote: Congratulations Paul & Hannah. I hope everything goes well with the pregnancy and you receive the blessing of beautiful healthy twins in the new year: Johnnie K Auckland New Zdealand
27/11/11 kos wrote: Congrats to you both, hope this means more gigs too! Lol
26/11/11 gasmk3 wrote: Tempted to use the 'kyle' phrase, "put something on the end of it and get a job"!! The guvno'r still doing the business great stuff. I'm 46 and have a 14 month old little girl. Might catch him up one day!!
23/11/11 gordonscott wrote: Nice one, as a father of twin boys (age 13) I recommend going on tour when they arrive!!
Congrats to you both.
22/11/11 themac875 wrote: Congrat Paul my cousins are twins, identical and its confusing!!
22/11/11 platterpile wrote: Now you both are doubly blessed. All the best to the wife and keep on touring Mr. Weller; you've not been to Cleveland in an ETERNITY.
Platter Puss Records
22/11/11 wall.n wrote: Congratulations on the twins
Lots of love and best wishes to u both
22/11/11 stedmod wrote: congrats to you both.good work weller
22/11/11 bobraider wrote: Congrats to both of you look after yourselfs will expect a song about the twins soon,all the best,Bob
21/11/11 mrcfcw wrote: congratulations guys !! looking forward to decs gig for crisis
20/11/11 johnnybb wrote: Congratulations to you both. I have 7 year old twins, a boy and girl.Enjoy them!!!
15/11/11 jamjohn65 wrote: Congratulations on your good news Mr and mrs Weller! Hope it all goes well for you.God bless you both.x
13/11/11 w9brown wrote: all the best to paul and hannah.. lovely news..
12/11/11 tigerbaby wrote: Paul
I have twin boy and girl they are 21 now. I hope you get some sleep beforehand . but they are a joy
12/11/11 modphil64 wrote: congratulations to both of you, hope evrything goe well.
11/11/11 allymckenzie wrote: Congratulations Hannah and Paul!!!
09/11/11 jbrown wrote: Congratulations to you both, there's still life in the old dog yet lol they will have their mothers beauty and their fathers huge talent, they will go very far in life. God bless.