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19 Jan

Sonik Kicks - Pre-Order Your Signed Copy Today

The release of 'Sonik Kicks' is nearing and the anticipation is building.

What better way to celebrate the arrival of Weller's latest album than having a copy signed by the man himself?

The good news is have just made them available for pre-order.

Click here now to make sure your signed copy of 'Sonik Kicks' arrives on March 19.

And don't worry if you pre-ordered your copy from before this offer went live, you will now automatically get a signed version.


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22/03/12 alfiepaul wrote: Also just got my copy of the CD from with not an autograph in sight, even though the receipt stated that the copy was signed. extremely disappointed as would have bought the deluxe edition instead......album is terrific though
19/03/12 paulhk wrote: Just got my copy of the CD from with not an autograph in sight - very, very disappointing!!!!!!!!!
06/02/12 mrcfcw wrote: what ever happened to the exclusive notifications i seem to keep signing up to ?
29/01/12 etonrifle79 wrote: same here !!! tried to order signed copy ... no link to basket !!! gutted !!
21/01/12 poorpaolo wrote: don't shipped to the USA so I was out of luck as well. I already pre-ordered the deluxe version from Townsend with the print. Maybe Paul will sign that when I meet him on the US tour (I can hope!).
20/01/12 mark40082 wrote: Will there be a vinyl release?
20/01/12 oreilly38 wrote: Aye, sure is, cant believe those ebay parasites are at it already
20/01/12 neillayfield wrote: It's sold out!
20/01/12 oreilly38 wrote: Link to signed copy will not allow you to add to basket - major annoyance?
19/01/12 hoofer63 wrote: same problem tried to order at work and was blocked when trying to order signed copy
19/01/12 tintin wrote: Gutted I missed the sale. Work got in the way! Any chance of Paul signing a few more PLEASE. Asked same question on facebook and twitter. Hoping this is 3rd time lucky
19/01/12 marjenk wrote: Is the hard backed book copy from townsend records signed?