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20 Feb

Ask Weller Your Questions

This week Weller is being interviewed by The Daily Mirror and they're asking for fans to submit their own questions.

Want to know all about Sonik Kicks? Or what he has planned for the Roundhouse shows next month?

Head to the Mirror website now, leave your question in the comments section and it could be chosen to be part of the interview.


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24/02/12 mammsey wrote: I Paul you are legend,seen you in concert for the last 20 years every times the best time,my ambition is to meet you mate,keep the faith mammsey.
23/02/12 tobysomeone wrote: Any chance of you playing a short live set in my living room to show the wife and kids what music really should sound like?
22/02/12 lunson wrote: Why don't you get a better haircut? Don't get me wrong.It's fantastic.But so long and feminine at the back.Not mod-like at all! Remember the "In the city" video.That's a real Mod cut!
21/02/12 mod4eva wrote: i dont do facebook, so cant ask a question. through no fault of my own, its caused a lot of damage in my life. does anyone even care or give a flying one, about those of us who get our 'face out of facebook and put down the phone'?
21/02/12 weemojo wrote: mate you must really with people asking about jam renunions..why cant they get coming to glasgow this year
21/02/12 jasoncox wrote: Do you think you will work with Kevin Sheilds and Bruce Foxton again? The tunes you recorded with them sound great.