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23 Feb

Teenage Cancer Trust Show

Contrary to press reports yesterday, Weller has not yet been confirmed to perform for the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall on March 28th.

Paul is currently trying to re-arrange his schedule so he can perform on the night, but nothing is finalised at this time.

As soon as further news is available it will be announced on


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29/02/12 jbrown wrote: Sorry about the spelling mistake! There was a big advertisement in the Mail on Sunday with his name in black and White surely it's illegal to advertise this if he has yet to confirm?
26/02/12 poorpaolo wrote: Paul was announced as part of the "Roger Daltrey and guests" date with Kelly (not Kenney) Jones. It was a premature announcement on the TCT/Who site as Paul hasn't been confirmed as per the news item above.
25/02/12 jbrown wrote: Just seen that Weller is playing with Kenny Jones for the Teenage Cancer Trust is this true ? It's not advertised on his site.