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16 Mar

Sonik Kicks - The Reviews

We're just days away from the release of 'Sonik Kicks' and the critics are hailing the album as one of Weller's best solo releases to date.

Here's a selection of reviews that have been published so far.

"An emotional, experimental ride, Weller's 11th solo LP is brilliant stuff." - BBC

"You have to marvel that a 53-year-old man can still make music so brimming with adventure." - The Guardian

"Barely a track passes by without an acid-fried aural equivalent of a mushroomed sunset." - The Independent

"All things considered, it’s hard to think of a bolder,  braver or better Weller album." - Evening Standard

"Weller seems enthusiastic, upbeat and genuinely inventive across the whole LP." - Drownedinsound

Don't forget, thew album is streaming in full (UK Only) on the homepage - take a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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24/03/12 stacky wrote: Don't like the last couple-hate electronic sounds/samples & treated vocals-bring back the real music PLEASE
23/03/12 jbrown wrote: Not bad sounds better live
22/03/12 markdt66 wrote: Mod maturity, clean, sharp, hard edged....
17/03/12 mod4eva wrote: deffo bold and brave. hard edged, adventurous. enjoying this but wondering whatever next!
16/03/12 siddy wrote: it dont get much better than this great new album