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11 Apr

New Single - 'When Your Garden's Overgrown'

Following the chart topping success of 'Sonik Kicks' and five sold out shows at the Roundhouse, Weller will return on May 28th with his next single 'When Your Garden's Overgrown'.

The release will be available as a digital EP and is set to be backed by two brand new tracks - 'We Got A Lot' & 'Lay Down Your Weary Burden'

Discussing 'When Your Garden's Overgrown', Paul said: "I think this song's about Syd Barrett. It's like, what would it have been like if he hadn't got into music? If he'd gone off to the continent and just been an artist on the side-street in France. He probably would've been happier.

"There's some lines in there about the brush strokes of fame and I'm thinking of Syd at the time. He was an artist at heart, not a rock star."

The full tracklisting of the EP will be:

1. When Your Garden's Overgrown
2. We Got A Lot
3. Lay Down Your Weary Burden

Stay tuned for pre-order details coming soon.


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07/05/12 davidwatts78 wrote: Please do a vinyl release, paul...
23/04/12 euan wrote: There should be a physical release for this. It's ridiculous that a news release 6 days later says Weller is supporting Record Store Day with a special release in the US if he can't even release singles on physical media.
21/04/12 sillyhunt wrote: I don't get this why release a track digitally that most people who are interested already have on the album, 7" please
17/04/12 rolino wrote: I actually do not get this release policy. Why can't there be 2 more cd singles with two bonus tracks on each cd single.

When your garden's overgrown with We got a lot and Lay down your weary burden.

Dragonfly with The Piper and No need to be alone
14/04/12 sudo wrote: Both We Got A Lot and Lay Down, you can hear Japanese version of Sonik Kicks. We Got A Lot sounds like Northern soul.It's nice,too.
14/04/12 rolino wrote: Where can you hear Lay Down Your Weary Burden? Is it on YouTube already?
What about We Got A Lot? How does it sound like?

I'm just happy to have downloaded The Piper; it's a wothwhile addition to Sonik Kicks.
11/04/12 wheat wrote: What about a 7" Vinyl release for the collectors out there and a cd release? A proper hard copy!
11/04/12 sudo wrote: I love "Lay Down Your Weary Burden". It's very beautiful !
11/04/12 bulldozer56@ wrote: Looing forward to getting my hands on this and hearing the new tracks. Sorted..................