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21 May

Pre-order 'When Your Garden's Overgrown'

Weller's next single 'When Your Garden's Overgrown' is just seven days away and it is now available for pre-order.

The acoustic guitar-led track has become a firm favourite amongst fans since the release of 'Sonik Kicks' earlier this year.

The digital EP also features two brand new Weller tracks, 'We Got A Lot' & 'Lay Down Your Weary Burden'.

Head to iTunes to pre-order your copy now.


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21/06/12 modfather40 wrote: MISSED the email to pre order the import blue vinyl from the states, so guess now ive gota pay something silly to get it off sure it will be on there soon!!!...ditch the down load...and think about the fans who want the vinyl!!!
29/05/12 outofthesink wrote: It,s in the air but I don't own a copy. Is this your modern forward thinking PW. Or do you leave such trivia to your PR rep. I will not be downloading. The first one I ever missed...................................................................bring back vinyl
27/05/12 wheat wrote: Still no mention of a 7" single release? or even a cd release? What's going on Mr Weller? As a collector of vinyl since 77 and yourself being a collector of vinyl i think this is poor ! Very poor !
Digital is poor quality compared to the warm sound of vinyl played through a good amp with a perfect needle. Do you not care about the collectors anymoe?
27/05/12 wheat wrote: n
24/05/12 blackaders wrote: With this single being digital only someone should be investigating why cd promo versions of this single are selling for over £30 each on eBay and why cd single is not available to real fans?
21/05/12 modjerry wrote: 3 Nights of "SONIK-BLISS" in NYC!!! ...Thanks Paul!!