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14 Jun

Weller Covers 'Birthday' For Sir Paul McCartney's 70th

This coming Monday (June 18th) Weller will celebrate the birthday of a music legend with a special release.

For one day only fans will be able to download Paul's cover of The Beatles' 'Birthday', which he has recorded to honour the 70th birthday of Sir Paul McCartney, via iTunes.

The song was recorded in 24 hours by Weller and his band at his Black Barn studios.

Speaking about the release, Paul said: "I wanted to do something for Paul's 70th, the man's been, and still is, an immense and enduring inspiration for me. It was him and his three friends that made me want to pick up a guitar in the first place.

"I saw him play live recently and he inspired me just as much as ever, he was brilliant. I just hope he likes our little version, a token of my and the bands love for him and his music. Rock on Macca."

Make sure you visit Weller's website, Facebook or Twitter for the download link on Monday morning.

All proceeds from the release will go to War Child.


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18/06/12 etonrifle79 wrote: Top man Paul !!! Great Version !!!
18/06/12 janebusybees wrote: cant find the link,i must be thick or maybe not as other people cant find it either! Looking forward to Wake up Woking again on friday,should be good and for a good cause too!
18/06/12 pompey wrote: Where is the link?
18/06/12 kae1 wrote: Love to download the Birthday trackn please but cant find the link
on your site ??
18/06/12 marco1969 wrote: I only see it on Amazon, and it is only available for the US and UK :-(
18/06/12 bradleyb wrote: Love to know how to down-load the "Birthday" tack if you live outside the UK or USA
14/06/12 bertje wrote: I Think Sir Paul (Weller) is a must and well deserved Title
14/06/12 juanjo wrote: A great idea!