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22 Jun

New Single - The Attic

Following the release of 'Birthday' earlier this week, we bring you news of the next Weller single 'The Attic'.

The follow up to 'When Your Garden's Overgrown' and the third single to be taken from 'Sonik Kicks', it is set for release on July 23rd.

Available as a digital EP it will be backed by new song 'The Piper' and a full-length version of album track 'Sleep Of The Serene'.

The single's full tracklisting is:

1. The Attic
2. The Piper
3. Sleep Of The Serene (Full-Length Version)

Pre-order details for 'The Attic' will be announced shortly.


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17/07/12 wheat wrote:
17/07/12 wheat wrote: Does Paul read or is he told about these comments? Does he care about vinyl anymore? Why does no-one from a page dedicated to him (official) give feed back? Am i wasting my time?
I am still waiting for the blue vinyl of Gardens to wing it's way to me from th US which was an inflated price! Am i the idiot?
30/06/12 wheat wrote: Digital, Digital, Digital - what a load o crap - Since In The City ive collected your vinyl ( Jam, Council & Solo ) What's going on of all people know the true value of something you can hold,read and collect.....come on someone pulling your strings? You cant treasure a download or hear the true warmth of the track. Crap,Crap,Crap..Sort it out ?
26/06/12 charlie34 wrote: Stop digital EP, vinyl please !!!
25/06/12 andysc100 wrote: Vinyl please!!
23/06/12 clubska67 wrote: Whats all this digital e.p bollocks??????? 30 odd years of buying every single he has released and agreeing with his views on actually holding the thing in your hand!!! What a let down!!!
22/06/12 davidwatts78 wrote: Another digital EP? please release on vinyl like you did with That Dangerous Age! would be great.