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04 Jul

War Child - Children Of Syria Appeal

War Child is a charity close to Paul's heart and he supported them recently by donating proceeds from the release of 'Birthday' to the organisation.

The charity has just launched an appeal to help the thousands of children in Syria who are currently suffering during the ongoing conflict in the country.

War Child currently have 20 staff on the ground in Lebanon, 20 miles from the Syrian border, where many refugees have fled including 700 children which they are helping to support.

To continue their work they need to raise urgent funds and this is the aim of the Children Of Syria appeal.

For more information on the appeal and to donate please visit the War Child website.


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04/07/12 jbrown wrote: Why not do gig in London (very soon) and everybody can donate money when they come in, have some collection boxes next to the security guy, we get to see the ledgend and he gets money for a good cause - everyone's a winner,