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25 Jan

Weller Readies US Record Store Day Release

US fans, Weller is readying a very special release for this year's Record Store Day on April 20, 2013.

To commemorate the event - which is held annually to support the humble local record emporium - Weller will release 'Sonik Kicks: The Singles Collection Box Set'.

Featuring all four of the previously released 7” singles from 'Sonik Kicks' on colored vinyl and in their original sleeves, this box set also contains a fifth 7" on orange vinyl with two songs previously unreleased anywhere in the world: “That Dangerous Age (Live Acoustic)” and “Be Happy Children (Live Acoustic)”. These two tracks were recorded live in Weller’s Black Barn Studio.

The box set will also contain a poster autographed by Paul Weller and comes in a limited edition run of just 600 copies.


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11/02/13 modfather40 wrote: The boxset needs to be made available for the british weller vinyl fans also.......why just for the states?
02/02/13 hillbilly_48 wrote:
30/01/13 steveprigg2 wrote: why US Fans,? Uk fans are the ones who supported ya through think and thin. Nice one fella!!!!.
25/01/13 modphil64 wrote: us only? you bet you're sweet ass it is, they're all that matters now, haven't you noticed? uk fans don't count anymore.
25/01/13 briggsy wrote: surely not US only!!!
25/01/13 kpasco wrote: Just wondering since I am new to this Record Store Day, What stores will be receiving this in US.
25/01/13 crazyhorse69 wrote: Any of these going to be made available on the website to give all the people a chance who aren't based in the UK?