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06 Nov


UPDATE ON PAUL AND TOUR.. I have some bad news regarding Paul?s illness.. and the tour.

As you already know Paul has been resting up all week due to a throat infection.. Unfortunately this morning after seeing a specialist Paul was admitted to hospital suffering from chronic tonsillitis and Quinsy (Peritonsillar abscess). He is expected to be in hospital for at least 3 days. I saw him this morning and he was unable to speak and his face and neck were severally swollen.

This means due to his type of illness which is obviously affecting his throat he is unable to continue with the rest of the Tour in the UK and Ireland.

There will be more news on Monday from the promoter about ticketing and future shows.

However the Promoter has told me that everyone should hold onto their tickets for now until further news regarding the tour.

Nicky Weller


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