paul weller

Fly on the Wall: B-Sides and Rarities


'Fly on the Wall' is a Paul Weller compilation released in 2003. It features tracks from Weller's career between 1991 and 2001.

  • Disc 1 1. Here's A New Thing (B-Side Of 'Into Tomorrow' Single) 2. That Spiritual Feeling (Instrumental B-Side Of 'Into Tomorrow' Single) 3. Into Tomorrow (Demo Version, B-Side Of 'Into Tomorrow' Single) 4. Arrival Time (Instrumental B-Side Of 'Uh Huh Oh Yeh' Single) 5. Fly On The Wall (B-Side Of 'Uh Huh Oh Yeh' Single) 6. Always There To Fool You (Instrumental B-Side Of 'Uh Huh Oh Yeh' Single) 7. All Year Round (From 'More Wood' Japanese Import Album) 8. Ends Of The Earth (B-Side Of 'Wild Wood' Single) 9. This Is No Time (B-Side Of The 'Weaver' Single) 10. Another New Day (Instrumental B-Side Of 'The Weaver' Single) 11. Foot Of The Mountain (Live B-Side Of 'Hung Up' Single) 12. Wild Wood (Portishead Remix, B-Side Of 'Wild Wood' Single - 1998 Version) 13. Kosmos (Lynch Mob Bonus Beats Remix, B-Side Of 'Hung Up' Single) Disc 2 1. The Loved (B-Side Of 'Hung Up' Single) 2. Steam (Instrumental B-Side Of 'Broken Stones' Single) 3. It's A New Day Baby (B-Side Of 'The Changing Man' Single) 4. A Year Late (B-Side Of 'You Do Something To Me') 5. Eye Of The Storm (Instrumental B-Side Of 'Peacock Suit') 6. Shoot The Dove (B-Side Of 'Brushed' Single) 7. As You Lean Into The Light (B-Side Of 'Brushed' Single) 8. So You Want To Be A Dancer (Instrumental B-Side Of 'Mermaids' Single) 9. Everything Has A Price To Pay (1997 Acoustic Version, B-Side Of 'Mermaids' Single) 10. Right Underneath It (B-Side Of 'Brand New Start' Single) 11. Heliocentric (Instrumental B-Side Of 'The Keeper' Single) 12. There's No Drinking After You're Dead (Noonday Underground Remix, B-Side Of 'Sweet Pea' Single) 13. The Riverbank (B-Side Of 'Brand New Start' Single) 14. Science (Lynch Mob Remix, B-Side Of 'Wild Wood' Single - '98 Version) Disc 3 1. Feelin' Alright (From 'More Wood' Japanese Import Album, Also B-Side Of 'Above The Clouds' Single) 2. Ohio (Live At R.A.H. October 1992, B.B.C. Recording - B-Side Of 'The Weaver' Single) 3. Black Sheep Boy (From 'More Wood' Japanese Import Album) 4. Sexy Sadie (B-Side Of 'Out Of The Sinking' Single) 5. I Shall Be Released (B-Side Of 'Out Of The Sinking' Single) 6. I'd Rather Go Blind (B-Side Of 'The Changing Man' Single) 7. My Whole World Is Falling Down (BBC Session May 1995, B-Side Of 'You Do Something To Me' Single) 8. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (B-Side Of 'Brushed' Single) 9. Waiting On An Angel (BBC Session - 23.11.97, Previously Unreleased) 10. Bang-Bang (B-Side Of 'The Keeper' Single) 11. Instant Karma (Previously Only Available On 'Uncut' Cover-CD) 12. Don't Let Me Down (Rare Session Track)
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