the style council

The Complete Adventures of The Style Council


'The Complete Adventures of The Style Council' is a career retrospective of The Style Council's studio recordings. The compilation included for the first time TSC's unreleased last album, 'Modernism: A New Decade'.

  • Disc 1 1. Speak Like a Child 2. Party Chambers 3. Money-Go-Round (Parts 1 & 2) 4. Headstart for Happiness (early version) 5. Mick's Up 6. Long Hot Summer (extended 12" version) 7. The Paris Match (early version) 8. Le Depart 9. A Solid Bond In Your Heart 10. It Just Came to Pieces In My Hands 11. My Ever Changing Moods (12" version) 12. Mick's Company 13. Spring, Summer, Autumn 14. Mick's Blessings 15. The Whole Point of No Return 16. Me Ship Came In! 17. Blue Cafe 18. The Paris Match (album version) 19. My Ever Changing Moods (album version) 20. Dropping Bombs on the Whitehouse 21. A Gospel Disc 2 1. Strength of Your Nature 2. You're the Best Thing 3. Here's One That Got Away 4. Headstart for Happiness (album version) 5. Council Meetin' 6. The Big Boss Groove 7. Shout to the Top! 8. Ghosts Of Dachau 9. The Piccadilly Trail 10. Soul Deep 11. Walls Come Tumbling Down 12. The Whole Point II 13. Blood Sports 14. Spin' Drifting 15. Homebreakers 16. All Gone Away 17. Come to Milton Keynes 18. Internationalists 19. A Stone's Throw Away 20. The Stand Up Comic's Instructions 21. Boy Who Cried Wolf Disc 3 1. A Man of Great Promise 2. Down in the Seine 3. The Lodgers (or She Was Only a Shopkeeper's Daughter) 4. Luck 5. With Everything To Lose 6. Our Favourite Shop 7. (When You) Call Me 8. Have You Ever Had It Blue 9. Mr. Cool's Dream 10. It Didn't Matter 11. All Year Round 12. Right To Go 13. Heavens Above 14. Fairy Tales 15. Angel 16. Walking the Night 17. Waiting 18. The Cost of Loving (Album Version) 19. A Woman's Song 20. Francoise Disc 4 1. Wanted (or Waiter, There's Some Soup In My Flies) 2. The Cost of Loving (12" Slow Vocal Version) 3. Life at a Top People's Health Farm 4. Sweet Loving Ways 5. It's a Very Deep Sea 6. The Story of Someone's Shoe 7. Changing of the Guard 8. The Little Boy in a Castle / A Dove Flew Down from the Elephant 9. The Gardener Of Eden (A Three Piece Suite) 10. Why I Went Missing 11. How She Threw It All Away 12. Iwasadoledadstoyboy 13. Confessions 1, 2 & 3 14. Confessions Of A Pop Group 15. In Love for the First Time 16. I Do Like to Be B-Side the A-Side Disc 5 1. Promised Land 2. Can You Still Love Me? (Vocal Version) 3. Long Hot Summer '89 (TOM Mix Full Extended Version) 4. Everybody's on the Run (early version) 5. A New Decade 6. Can You Still Love Me? (Extended Version) 7. The World Must Come Together 8. Hope (Feelings Gonna Getcha) 9. That Spiritual Feeling 10. Everybody's on the Run (later version) 11. Love of the World 12. Sure Is Sure
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