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13th May 2017

The reviews for Jawbone are in!

DAILY MAIL – 5 stars, Brian Viner
“It is stunningly acted, superbly written and wonderfully directed… Jawbone makes recent Hollywood productions such as Southpaw and Creed look feeble – and they weren’t. Immensely moving, relentlessly gripping film”

THE SUN – 4 stars, Jamie East – Film of The Week
“At times bleak but always moving, this low budget British movie is Rocky meets I, Daniel Blake – and it packs a terrific punch”

THE TIMES – 4 stars, Kevin Maher
“Harris brings a wealth of empathy and a hangdog sadness as Jimmy McCabe…It’s bracingly British and authentic film.”

I PAPER – 4 stars, Geoffrey Macnab
“We can spot from the outset which way the film is headed, but just because we see the punches coming doesn’t mean they fail to land”

FINANCIAL TIMES – 4 stars, Nigel Andrews
“Is British independent cinema having a sudden heyday? Jawbone is a cracking movie…It’s dunked in doomy wit and dark deprecation”

DAILY STAR – 4 stars, Andy Lea
“What makes it stand out is its heart and grit…It’s touching, rousing…and also bruisingly authentic”

TELEGRAPH – 3 stars, Tim Robey
“Most of all it needs Harris who has built and rendered a character Ken Loach might have won awards for”

GUARDIAN – 3 stars, Peter Bradshaw
“Unfakeably it comes from the heart. There is the smell of real sweat in this film and the blood and tears seem very real”

DAILY EXPRESS – 3 stars, Allan Hunter
“A dour, dogged little drama”